T o create your Santa’s Hat design you will need:

Step 1 for a Santa’s Hat

Using a petal shape sponge, dip into white paint and fan over the eye. For the edged to be less harsh, use a clean sponge to blend them out.

TIP: If you want to make your design a little bit more festive. Spray glitter on top while the paint is still slightly damp on the face.


Step 2

Secondly, using a thin brush dipped in white. Draw above the eyebrow arch a cloud-like shape and fill in, this will mimic the fluff around the bottom of the Santa’s hat. Use the white diamond FX paint to get a rich white pigmentation.


Step 3

Take the medium size brush and paint on a triangle where the tip is slightly curved towards one side (just like a lopsided triangle). Then go ahead and fill in the red triangle. You should begin to see the formation of Santa’s hat.


Step 4

Using the thin white brush and white paint, draw on the small bobble onto the end of the hat. The bobble can either be a circle or if your hand is not steady a ‘splodge’ of paint.


TIP: When drawing on the base of the hat, using the red and white, don’t worry about accuracy as later you will go in with black to neaten up the design.


Step 5

While your Santa’s hat is thoroughly drying, you can use a thin brush to paint on small snowflakes around the hat.
For the snowflakes start by drawing a cross (try to make the thin as possible to have an illusion of a small snowflake) and then draw on little lines of the edge of the cross (see photo for reference).


Step 6

The final step is to go in with black paint and outline the hate, creating a more defined design. Once again, if you find you don’t have a steady hand, do not worry, you can create your design to be slightly messy yet still festive!


Optional Step 7 for a Santa’s Hat

Go back in with red or silver glitter to create a complete Christmas design.


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