Candy Floss Hire

Who is Candy Floss Hire?

Candy floss Hire brings candy floss to your party. In the package it includes the candy floss machine with a server, meaning you don’t have to do any work. Candy floss hire is made up of sugar lovers who are always trying to get creative and think of more ways to wow our customers with our sugar creations. All our workers are experts in candy floss making as well as the science behind. Moreover, they are DBS checked and got big, bubbly personalities.

*We have had cases where charity events have wanted a certain gender, if this applies to you please specify when booking. We never want to disappoint and always want all your needs fulfilled.

What is the Candy Floss Hire promise?

We promise to always come 20 minutes early, ensuring we are fully prepared for when all the guests arrived. In addition, we want our serves and equipment to be clean and sanitary. Therefore, our machine is deep cleaned after every event, and an extra clean/polish before we arrive at our new event. Moreover, we wear long hair tide up, an apron, clean face and have a pack of baby wipes near by ensuring maximum cleanliness. We also promise to ensure all our customers are satisfied, whether this means through adjusting the size of the candy floss or letting the birthday child have a go at doing it.

What are we good for?

Parties – An obvious one, but we mean birthday parties for both adults and children. Candy floss hire is like a ‘party bag’ it’s something for the children to talk about after the party. In addition, candy floss is often hired for the last hour as a fun and interactive desert.

Weddings – Candy floss hire is perfect for weddings as an additional, special extra that will keep the children amused and smiling. Candy floss is aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the candy floss can be a certain colour (for example all pink or all white) in order to fit in with the wedding theme.

Corporate events – We’ve worked with Buxton waters, decathlon and many more. Candy Floss hire means your corporate event can be seen as the children wonder around on their day. In addition, parents nearly ALWAYS take photos of their children, this means your corporate event can get the recognition it deserves.

Charity events – Having candy floss hire at your charity event is a great addition as it adds a fun twist. Previously, when working with Dore primary school, it was a fun day where we raised lots of money for the primary school.

School fairs – Whether a primary or secondary school, candy floss brings the child out of anyone.

What products do we use?

Floss Sugar We buy 3 colours: pink, blue and white original. This allows the children to pick and choose what flavour and colour they want (for the birthday child we let them pick two colours if they want.)

Paper Sticks – Candy floss hire are always trying to be eco-friendly, we moved to paper sticks in order to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

*Our candy floss is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and meets Halal and Kosher requirements

Package Deals

Package deals are the perfect no stress party plan for you. Ranging from parties with a space planetarium, Face Painting Sheffield and even exotic animals. We definitely have the package that will make your party the most memorable. Our party plans provide from ages 4 onwards. Alter our package deals in order to fit in with the way you would like. For example, certain aspects can be for the whole 2-hour party length, while others can be just for 1 hour.

See our Party Package Page for more details.


What have people said about Candy Floss Hire? 

Matthew (father of 8year old Harry): “Candy Floss Hire came and exceeded in what they did, They had bubblegum, raspberry and plain flavoured candyfloss – would definitely hire again”

Julia (Chesterfield): “We booked for our daughters 4th birthday party, Candy Floss hire provided different size candy flosses depending on the parents request, they also went out their way to explain the science behind how sugar turns into candyfloss”

Jenny (Dronfield, 7-year-old, Unicorn Party): “Isabella loved the pink, sparkly candy floss, was a fun add on! The balloon modelling also paired great.”

Olga (Hillsborough, 13 year old, Sweet Party): “They worked non-stop and satisfied everyone.”

Rachel (Totley, 3 year old, Pirate Party): “Really nice different flavours of candy floss, the boys all got to pick their own colour.”

Kai (Parsons Cross, 40th Birthday, Family Party): “We had all the extended family round for my birthday, the kids kept amused with picking flavours and trying the candyfloss. Even some of the adults had some!”

Naomi and Tim (Chesterfield, Wedding): Great entertainment for all our gusts, definitely brought back some sweet memories.”


How does Candy Floss Hire work? (6 easy steps):

  1. Book us online or by telephone
  2. Tell us the time, address and approximate guests attending
  3. Thirdly, closer to the time we will message you to confirm event plans are still happening
  4. On the day we will come and set up
  5. Sit back and relax and Candy floss hire does all the work
  6. Finally, we will tidy away and be out of your way before you even know it!

Where have we been? 

Bluebell Wood children’s hospice charity –
Eden Doren Trust –
The Wildlife Trust –
Showroom Workstation –
The Light cinema –
Sharrowvale market –
Orchard square –
High Stores school –
The Greystones –