Hello everyone,

What an incredible time it has been here! We’ve had a whirlwind of activities and events that kept us all on our toes and brought immense joy and excitement to our community.

Here’s a quick recap of our busy month:

Face Painting Fun: Pace painting artist transformed countless faces into beautiful works of art. From unicorns and superheroes to flowers and festive glitter, smiles were everywhere as children and adults alike enjoyed becoming their favourite characters.

Delicious Candy Floss: Who can resist the sweet allure of candy floss? We served up clouds of this sugary delight at various events, bringing a nostalgic and delicious treat to all. The colorful, fluffy goodness was a hit among attendees of all ages.

Balloon Modelling Magic: Our balloon modeller created an array of incredible balloon sculptures that dazzled everyone. From dogs to whimsical hats, the creativity and skill on display were truly remarkable, making our events even more special and memorable.

Thank you for booking us. See you at our next event!