Face Painting Design

Over many years of face painting, we have developed techniques to create easy, effective face painting designs.
On this face painting design page you will find everything you need to know to recreate the face painting favourites.

How to face paint Spiderman?

Step 1:

Start by outlining in white paint a curved triangle around the eye. Depending on the size of the face, it depends on how big you do this. I often find when painting smaller children you don’t need to go higher than 0.5cm above the eyebrow.

Step 2:

Fill in the white eye using a sponge or a brush. In the video, I used a sponge due to my model’s face being ‘big’. However, for starter painters and models with smaller faces, a flat brush allows more precision when filling in.

Step 3:

Painting the red base of Spiderman.I have personally painted spider man over 300 times and therefore can approximately see the shape I want to sponge on. However, for beginners, I recommend using a thin brush and painting the outline of the shape to make sponging more accurate. Moreover, if the model has a small face, use a brush (the only downside with a brush is the paint is less evenly distributed).

Step 4:

Outline the eyes move in small motions to be as accurate as possible.

Step 5:

Draw on black lines. To keep your lines going from one place, draw a dot in-in between the eyes and focus your lines starting from there.

Step 6:

Join up the lines, with curves creating a spider man look.

Step 7(optional):

Draw on a small spider using the smallest brush you can find.

For visual and more information, you can watch our youtube video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY0-bKmUp58