What you will need for a rabbit face paint:

  • Pink face paint (snazaroo or diomond FX)
  • White face paint (diomond FX)
  • Black face paint (snazaroo)
  • Angled sponge
  • Thin brush


  • Glitter


Step 1 for a rabbit face paint


Using the sponge and white paint make a white shade over the two eye sockets. Furthermore, add on white below the nose to create a muzzle type affect.

Step 2


Using the brush paint on a small pink nose, while the paint is still slightly damp press on a small amount of glitter.



Step 3


Using the thin brush and white paint on a second lid with flicks, to create the illusion of big rabbit eyes.



Step 4


The final steps for your rabbit design are going in with the thin brush and black paint. Paint on three whiskers on each side of the cheek. Finally, draw a line from the centre under nose to the top of the mouth and the outline the top lop in black paint.

Final Step for a rabbit face paint


Add glitter into places where you think will look the best.


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