It’s the end of a long university academic year, and the society ball is coming up. However, to make your society stand out, candy floss and face paint is the perfect solution. We went to Kenwood hall, and the Politics Society produced the ideal starry night themed ball.

Is booking a lot of work?

We try and make the booking process as simple as possible. As we all know, booking can be the most time consuming and annoying thing! When you send an email to either – or, you will get a reply asking a few questions such as:
– How many people will be attending (approximately)?
– Where is the address of the event?
– Time the event starts
– Are there any other details we should know (will it be a themed party?)
After we have finalised the date and made sure you know what’s happening, a small deposit will need to be made.

What is the political society?

They offer political events, including all aspects of the political spectrum! Their activities include several speakers including Members of Parliament and Think Tanks. Also, they work with other civic societies to make sure they speak to everyone on the political spectrum.

The society organises various fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for our adopted charities (to be announced), including the annual pyjama social! They’re hoping to launch a massive charity week, where they try and raise as much money as possible for their designated charity in a week! The society also runs a volunteering scheme each year which you can take part in.

They offer a variety of various socials throughout the year and this year hoping to expand the activities and socials on offer, making it the most fun and whole year yet. Ranging from nights out to non-alcoholic socials and huge events with other societies, like The Big Fat Social, one of the most significant socials across the university!

They have several sports teams in the intramural leagues; including successful football and netball teams. Whether you’re a semi-professional or a beginner, the politics society says how they would love you to join their groups! The society’s football team recently won the Intermural cup, and the Netball team has jumped up two leagues, both testaments to how great our teams are! Each sport organises their socials, awards nights.

How the evening planned out:

The Politics society ball just booked candy floss, selling it as “edible clouds”. When we arrived, all the guests had arrived and were starting on starters. I thought that might be a problem, but nothing stops the Politics students. A soon as the machine had warmed up, I had ques of people coming for candyfloss. People were eating candy floss after every course meal and mid-way through dancing.


Since the evening was starry night themed, they included star bunting, cloud lanterns and balloons.

How to do DIY star bunting:
Using gold holographic double-sided card cut out same size stars (eBay is the most cost-effective) using a hot glue gun to stick it on to a thick thread
Cloud lanterns consisted of cheap paper balls, filled with LED battery fairy lights. Lastly, around the ball is hot glued on cotton woo.
Lastly, to bring the atmosphere all together signs (shown in the photos) were placed next to different areas. Our one “edible clouds” was on the verge of cringy but pulled it off as being mega cute.