Here at Face Painting Sheffield, we’re always looking for ways to improve our face paint.


Who we went to

As face painters, the only way we can improve to give even better quality to our customers is by getting advice and critique from other former face painters.
We visited a former face painter and now art teacher for some advice. She had previously run her own face painting business with a few other mums. As well as helping out in the local school fair as well as her own school. We felt our style had been very samey for a long time, so we decided to bring in another’s style.

What we did

We packed our face painting kit – face paints, sponges and brushes and headed over to hers. There we took turns getting our face painted (as you can see from the photos)

She showed us small tips and tricks about using the correct brushes, colour theories. We learnt about how to get the best flick onto our designs.

Though thing such as how to apply glitter effectively may not seem like much it means our designs such as rainbow, flowers and butterfly

an be a lot more effective.

My favourite thing we took away was:

The design which we thought was the most effective looks wise and brought in all the new techniques was this

swirl design (name unthought of) which used complementary colours and covered half of the face.

Lastly, our most famous design for boys is Batman, we decided instead of doing our iconic yellow border we would olay on the ide

a of having a sunset in the background, seeing as Batman is this dark mysterious superhero!