How to do Tiger Face Paint?

How to do Tiger Face Paint? Unicorn is a favourite, fun, sparkly design and is chosen at every event, no matter how old the guests are. Face Painting Sheffield wants you to be able to create this iconic look at home, before your- face painting hire.

What you will need:
– Orange, black, yellow, red snazaroo face paint
– White diamond fx face paint
– Paintbrush thin to medium
– Sponges x2



Step 1: How to do Tiger Face Paint?

Start by painting on an orange base. For beginners, we recommend drawing out a small line around the face. We recommend also drawing an orange border around the eye and above the bridge of the nose. Sponge the orange on lightly across the whole look.


Step 2

Using a sponge and white face paint. Sponge areas of white onto the bridge of the nose, above the eyebrow and cheeks. This will give the face more dimension. Using a plain sponge to blend out between the orange and white.


Step 3

The trickiest bit of the whole design but creates a cute and fantastic tiger look. Start on the inner corner of the eye and draw of the eyebrows with black face paint. The join up with lines down the side of the nose. The closer the lines are, the thinner the nose will look. If you are a beginner, take your time and draw on small little lines. Lastly, for step 3, draw on a small triangle nose.


Step 4


The tiger’s stripes should complement the face. The central strips you should start with are along with the cheekbones, either side of the chin and on either side of the forehead.


Step 5


Now you have finished the overall design draw on white, black and red lines over the length of the nose.


Step 6

Sixthly, paint on red and yellow stripes in the gaps of the black stripes. Don’t go too over-board and try not to make the strips repetitive. Remember, ever tiger’s line is different.

Step 7


Optional: Add some glitter onto the nose and stripes; this will create dimension and make them look more fun!


For visual and more information, you can watch our youtube video.

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