summer garden party

A summer garden party is a great way to join together and entertain both adults and children. Here at Face Painting Sheffield we want to share our experience on what makes a great summer garden party.


Decoration for you summer garden party

Decoration is definitely a key element to any Summer garden party; it creates a visual memory in your guest’s mind. The one thing with outdoor parties is people tend to get cold quickly, especially if they are driving and therefore not drinking. In the entrance (or somewhere dry and safe) have a pile of big fleeces and/or throws, perfect for when the evening becomes a bit chillier.

Moreover, a small DIY that has a great visual affect is filling mason jars with tea lights (or fairy lights). The handles can be hooked on to lopped string and the hung around a tree. Creating an aesthetically pleasing light show. Lastly, making sure there is lots of seating area. This can be good by putting down garden mats with colourful blankets or bringing out all the chairs you have from inside the house. Overall, the decoration’s goal is to have some sort of useful need.


Food, perfect for a summer garden party

BBQ is your best bet. With finger food such as halloumi, sausages, corn on the cob and (unusual but very recommended) fish, your guests will be spoilt for choice. Moreover, summer parties are great as it means you can bring out the fresh food! Creating a quick fruit display is a delicious option.

If you are wanting to create a more aesthetically pleasing element to your display use cookie cutters to cut our shapes from fruit/vegetables such as melon, kiwi and cucumber. Finally, sweet bites such as churros, crispy bites and tiffin are perfect for outdoor parties where you want to limit the amount of cutlery being used.


DIY games

Twister, on the grass.

The one thing I cannot stand about twister is the mat that is used. Its constantly sliding around underneath, especially when it begins to get serious. Find a space on the grass which you don’t mind being stained for a while spray (or paint) on the circle grid creating a large, stationary twister.

Water Cups

On a really hot day, it may be necessary to get the big guns out… meaning water guns. Set up a small table with cups stacked of 6 in a pyramid shape. Take around 2 (big) steps away from the table and draw a line. Children must stand at the line and successfully shoot the cups down. This game can include ‘different levels’ by placing the line further and further back or saying to the children you must knock down ALL the cups not just the top ones.



However, an obvious, more easy option would be to hire someone. Though this option may cost an extra few pounds you know it will be defiantly worth it.

Face PaintingFace Painting Sheffield, brings fun, creativity and the wow factor to your event. Most noteworthy, all our face painters have art qualifications and are very experienced


Balloon modellingBalloon model hire is an excellent form of entertainment that suits any age category and event. The balloon modeller can create fantastic creations from swords, flowers to more complex things such as hats. A great feature of balloon model hire is they can adapt to any event style.


Candy flossCandy floss is the best add-on to any event, made up of sugar lovers who are always trying to get creative and think of more ways to wow our customers with our sugar creations.



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