School fairs happen in all seasons, whether Christmas or summer. We have you sorted on what to


Candy floss

We’ve started bringing our candy floss to different school events. We have had great results!  Providing different two sizes, either big (which is very big) or small (which means more medium) and also providing two colours, pink and blue.

You have a choice of two options. Whether paying before a set amount (then however much your school wants to charge, all money will go to them. Or secondly, asking the candy flosser to pay a set £25 for the stall and then anything they make goes to them.


Face painting

At any school fair, you will find a face painter. Take a look at our face painting designs for inspiration for your school fair or go ahead and make your life easier by booking us! We provide complicated designs or, if you have a busy event, we can paint small quick designs.


Hair Spray is a great add on and can be loved by anyone, any age. With these affordable hair sprays, you can do different colours with different patterns.


Splat, the teacher

You will need to make large cardboard cut out. Making sure the main thing to do is do a large enough cut out for the face for the person who will be splattered. You will also need a bucket of water and three to five sponges. On the carboard you can paint on cavemen, SpongeBob, lion and more.


Sweet prize wheel

You will need Cardboard, Paint, brushes and black marker, two plastic bottle caps, hot glue, nails and different sweets and chocolate.

Start by cutting the cardboard into circles, depending on the thickness you may want to use two pieces and place them together. Next, split the circle into sections and colour them in different colours. Then on each section, label it with what will happen if they land on the part. In the centre of the circle pock a hole with a nail then through the plastic bottle cap as well as the arrow.


Whether you want the players to win sweets, chocolate, money, or even to do dares, it creates so much fun and enjoyment for everyone. Some fun dares you may want to include is:

  • Army crawl across the room.
  • Try to stand on your hands.
  • Fetch any particular said item from your room with your eyes blindfolded.
  • Do Mickey Mouse impression.
  • Roar like a lion.
  • Make up a random poem and sing it aloud.
  • Prank call your Grandma.
  • Pretend to slip on a banana peel.

Bake sale


The great idea is to take a twist on the everyday brownies and make some M&M brownies. First taking a basic brownie recipe (either blondie or brownie, but we prefer blondie) and just before the mixtures poured into the baking tray. Crush up some M&Ms to make the brownies that extra bit more special.

However, if there’s one thing we have learnt from all those times of attending or joining in at school fairs it’3s too stick to the finger food whether being Rice Krispies treats

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