What does the package include?

Wonder Dome will come with a dome size fit for your amount of party guests. You can either choose to have a face painter (includes glitter tattoos and transferable); our designs range from our original rainbow, unicorn, Batman, Spiderman etc. or themed face paints may be requested (e.g. Star Wars themed or space themed)
In addition to compliment your dome you could have space slime workshop – includes glittery coloured slime and can be taken away in a small pot.

Is booking a lot of work?


We try and make the booking process as simple as possible. As we all know booking can be the most time consuming and boring thing! When you send an email to either – facepaintingsheffield@gmail.com or enquiries@wonderdome.co.uk, you will get a reply asking a few questions such as:

Where is the address of the party?

How many children will be attending (approximately)?
How old are the children?
Are there any other details we should know (will it be a themed party?)

Space ship done at a recent birthday party

Space ship craft at a recent birthday party

After we have finalised the date and made sure you know what’s happening a small deposit will need to be made.

How will the day work?

We will be there for 2 hours.
Half an hour before the event starts, we will arrive and start setting up (so that when the guests come to the dome is up and everyone can have a quick peek inside and gawk!)
When guests begin to arrive, they can either start doing some slime or can have their face painted (this depends on which one you have chosen)
We will do half an hour of crafts/games then we will start the first show. Depending on the age of the children will depend on what we show in our play. However, we always try and include the birthday boy/girl in the show. We do this by adding their photo into the show by putting them into a rocket ship or a space suit – this ensures the birthday child has an extra unique and memorable day.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the event with everything included is £180
A £90 deposit will need to pay before the game and then the rest on the day.

Extra ideas to make the party extra special

Catering will need to be done by yourselves, but we have some fun ideas you may want to use, such as:
Fruit on a stick to make it look like a rocket. A sweet and healthy combination could be marshmallows and strawberries.
Space themed cake – even if it’s as simple as making a circle into a ‘planet’ by putting blue and green on top of it to act as the sea and land of our planet earth.
An even similar alternative is cupcakes with frosting and mini eggs – acting as small eggs you might find on an abandoned planet
Popcorn is also a perfect ‘space’ food – however, always seems to get everywhere!

Decoration can also be a fun DIY way to decorate the birthday hall/room with ideas such as:
Paint a paper plate, the colour of your chosen planet. Puncture a small hole through the top, and after doing a few of them, you get your very own small galaxy to hang around the room. The same thing can be done with starts and rockets (when doing rockets make sure both sides are done)
Balloons hung downwards also give a planet theme, when disco lightly are reflected on them it becomes magical!
Lastly, if you want to go that extra mile personal name badges can be made for individual party guests, this can be given in the party bag or before the party starts to get them into the space party mindset!

a craft of the solar system

a craft of the solar system

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