I’ve decided to start a blog page in order to share Face Painting Sheffield’s art journey.

Let me rewind back to how I decided to become a face painter, hence setting up Face Painting Sheffield.


I have always been interested with working with children, whether volunteering at the local beavers or helping out at family friends, children parties. I have also, ALWAYS, had a passion for art, whether drawing or painting abstract.

In 2015, I started working for a party company. This job definitely opened my mind up to the type of jobs out their. I dressed up as characters from disney and joined in with the party games and helped carry cake in etc when food was ready. After working as just a princess for around 4 months, the lady who sent me out had asked if I could then start face painting and doing glitter tattoos.

Over the moon about this I started practising on family and friends. Getting criticized by my mother at the time seemed to just put me down but I look back and thank her as it definitely made me improve!


You may or may not be thinking how I made the jump from face painting for a big company to starting my own little one. I have to thank my dad for that and his constant entrepreneurial mind. It was him who showed me how to set up a business, do risk insurance etc. In a nutshell he showed me how to do all the boring business side of things.


However, I am truly grateful as it means I get to do the best job I could ever ask for – bring smiles on children’s faces.

Face painting is a job that has let me meet so many amazing young children, help out with lots of giving charities and travel around to different areas experiencing different cultures.

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